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About proxy sites and accessing blocked web pages

The most common use of a proxy site is to gain access to blocked websites which is exactly what this site is for! Proxies allow you to bypass work, school, college or company internet filters and unblock Myspace, Youtube, Facebook, BlackPlanet, Hi5, Blogger, Skyblog, Xanga, Orkut, Netlog, Tagged, IMDB, Craigslist, Ifilm, Metacafe, StupidVideos, Fotolog, FileCabi, Photobucket, Flickr, ImageShack, Technorati, Adult Friendfinder, Pandora, MTV, live365, 1.fm, Wikipedia, CNN, Yahoo, BBC, eBay, Amazon, GameSpot, and many other social networking, shop, video sharing, chat, music, games and arcade websites. In short it allows you to browse blocked websites and get access to filtered web pages.

This is a safe, secure fast and reliable web-based anonymous proxy service that allows anyone to surf the Web privately and securely. All you need to do is type in any website address and we will serve it to you through our fast servers. Unlike other proxies there is no software to install or complicated instructions. A web proxy is also known as an anonymizer or anonymizing proxy because it allows you to browse the Internet without revealing your identity to the websites you visit. It removes identifying information, such as IP address, location, operating system and web browser version from the client's requests for the purpose of online anonymity. This helps to protect your privacy and online security. A proxy site could also be called a circumventor, which is a method of defeating blocking policies implemented by a school, college, work, company and corporate internet filter and firewall. This would allow you to unblock Facebook or Access Myspace for instance.